moll children’s swivel chairs

Already at a young age children sit for several hours a day. Whether doing homework, doing handicrafts or learning. That is why it is just as important to choose the right children’s swivel chair as it is to choose the right desk. A height-adjustable desk chair promotes an upright sitting posture and prevents back problems. The perfect ergonomic swivel chair is adjustable in all dimensions. Besides the possibility of back and seat height adjustment, the perfect chair can also be adjusted in seat depth. Parents should therefore always check that the table and chair are correctly adjusted. Because only by adjusting the height can the chair be adapted exactly to the individual body height of the offspring.  Thanks to the multi-armed base crosses, the children’s chairs from moll offer stability and safety. The castors are braked so that the chair cannot slip backwards when sitting down or standing up. Another plus point in terms of safety. Optionally, the castors can also be replaced by glides. moll Typically, the chairs can be adapted to changing tastes at any time. The cushions or covers, which are also available individually, can be changed or washed at any time and are available in ten different fabric patterns. The moll Maximo and the moll Scooter are the perfect children’s swivel chairs for an ergonomic workplace.