moll design desks

There are pieces of furniture that define our living worlds individually and thus give expression and emphasis to our personal style. The minor T7 represents such a design desk. Because the T7 is unique and versatile in many ways. In addition to the two base plate models of different sizes, 7 different decorative colours are available. Thus the minor T7 fits both in the children’s room and home office or in the home. Because the moll T7 is not a conventional office furniture but a home office furniture for everyday life. Always at the pulse of time.  But the electrically adjustable height spectrum is also unparalleled. When it comes to ergonomic design furniture, the T7 redefines the benchmark and presents itself as a visionary. The T7 series is the only home office solution on the market where the adjustment spectrum ranges from a sitting toddler to a standing adult. This also makes the T7 a perfect ergonomic children’s piece of furniture. This is made possible by the brilliant electromotive height adjustment. The drawer with the push-to-open function fits perfectly into the appearance of the T7 and offers space for everything that should not necessarily be kept on the desk but within reach of the desk. Precise craftsmanship, sustainable materials and timeless aesthetics create the simple, perfect, high-quality design and uncompromising quality of the moll T7, guaranteeing lifelong friends for the product. This attention to detail is not ignored by experts either: Even before its market launch, the moll T7 was nominated for the renowned German Design Award, which it later won. With the ergonomic design desks from moll you are always at the height of the action.