moll Mobile Storage

Children want to keep every stick and keep all sorts of bits and bobs. The containers from moll are made for this. The spacious containers offer space up to A-3 format. The castors make them easy to move but still very stable. If required, the optional seat pad can be turned into a stool in no time at all and offer a seat for friends playing or parents helping with their homework. All drawers have an automatic self-closing mechanism. This considerably reduces the risk of crushing. The colour applications in the handle of the containers are included in the scope of delivery in many colour variants right from the start. The top drawer of the containers has a compartment pull-out. The shelf attachments can also be used to store files or additional books.

Distinctive, robust and full of possibilities – the C7 is a roller container which functions as a single piece of furniture as well as in its overall appearance; on the one hand it can be used as living room furniture and stool, on the other hand it is the ideal complement to the T7 The decorative panels are available in the same variants as the colour inlays of the T7 and are equally interchangeable. The seat pad builds the bridge between chair and table, with which a stool can be conjured from the container. The colours of the pad are identical to the fabric variants of the S6 and the S9, thus creating a clear and light overall picture of both all coloured elements can be exchanged and adjusted at any time.